Faulty Tire Changes Can Have Serious Consequences

October 30th, 2019 by

Cars can be great to have when they run perfectly, but when things go wrong the good times can end with a quickness. One such issue that is common to almost every driver is the problem of flat tires. Most drivers who operate vehicles for any length of time will experience a flat tire, and how they deal with this issue can impact their future safety. Thankfully, drivers who follow a few simple steps can quickly, easily, and safely get themselves and their vehicles back up and running.

During a tire blowout, one of the first things that drivers should do is to move their vehicles to safe areas. For example, drivers who break down in the middle of busy highway traffic should quickly move their vehicles to shoulders or other safe areas. Driver should also seek to park their vehicles on flat and stable surfaces if possible.

Next, drivers should collect the tools that they will need to complete the jobs. For most drivers, this will mean taking time to find their spare wheel, lug nuts, floor mats, jacks, and any other technology that might come in handy.

Before attempting to lift a vehicle, drivers should always loosen the lug nuts. By doing so, they can take advantage of the friction provided by the weight of the vehicle and use this to help them to remove lugs.

Once the lugs are in place, drivers are then free to jack up their cars just far enough to slip their tires off of the supporting structures. Vehicle operators can then mount the replacement tire on their wheels, replace the lugs on the bolts, and tighten them with their fingers.

Finally, drivers should lower their cars to the ground and tighten the lug nuts in the proper sequences and to the proper tightness with the provided tools.

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