Love Pets but Hate Shedding? Tips to Remove Pet-Hair

September 24th, 2019 by

Part of having a pet is dealing with the hair they shed. PUENTE HILLS MITSUBISHI knows that most people would love to learn easier ways to keep their vehicle pet-hair free. If you've struggled in this area, keep reading to learn some easy removal tips.

Got a spray bottle and fabric softener? Add a few teaspoons of the fabric softener and some water to the bottle, and spray your car's upholstery. Just a light spay is all you need. Then, take a paper towel, and wipe. Fabric softener loosens hair, which easily comes off with the paper towel. Any hair left in the car easily comes out with a vacuum. Another tip is to use the small bristled brush attachment that came with your vacuum. It's designed to collect hair.

Imagine driving around City of Industry without pet hair. It's easy when you follow these simple tips.

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