Value Your Trade

Value Your Trade-In Car or Truck

Are you considering upgrading to a newer car and trading in an older model? In such a case, it’s probably a good idea to research how much your automobile is currently selling for. Are you curious about your car’s resale value? Our trade-in car tool helps determine the value of your current vehicle and how much you might get credit for towards the new purchase. Consider the following Mitsubishi trade-in tips, then drop by our showroom near Los Angeles to get your vehicle’s final appraisal.

How to Trade In My Car?

The following tips are extremely helpful when navigating the Mitsubishi trade-in process.

Tips to Trade-In Your Car

It may seem like a hassle to trade in a car in the Long Beach region, but the process is pretty simple. To get a new car by trading in your old one, use the following steps:

  • Use our trade-in car value tool to estimate your car’s fair market value. Afterward, please browse our selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles to get an idea of what you want to purchase.
  • “How to trade in my car if I still owe on loan?” We hear this commonly from Irvine drivers. Our finance department can help you if you’re upside down on your loan or if any other complications could arise. Sometimes, opting for a new loan might not be the best, depending on factors like your interest rate and the total amount left until it’s paid off.
  • Bring your vehicle, title, registration, key, and any information regarding your auto loan to our City of Industry lot when you’re ready to trade. After that, we’ll look at the car and settle on a final price.

Why Should I Consider a Mitsubishi Trade-In?

Is there any reason not to give up your old vehicle? One of the quickest and most convenient methods to lower your monthly payments on a new or used automobile is to trade in an old one. You may use the money you get from selling your old car toward the cost of a new one, whether you’re leasing or buying. There will be less money needed for the down payment and less overall debt to pay off.

Bring Your Trade-In Car to Puente Hills Mitsubishi

To get the ball rolling on making a deal, check out the car trade-in value calculator on Puente Hills Mitsubishi. After you have used our automobile value calculator, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can arrange an evaluation. Don’t worry; we’ll have your car examined and have a quote for you ASAP! Remember that when you do business with our dealership close to Irvine, you’ll enjoy unique benefits like free oil changes and a lifetime warranty.